Socket Bone Grafting Procedure

Socket bone grafting is a procedure that is most commonly performed at the time of the removal of a tooth. It is recommended in most cases to enhance the body’s own healing process by quickly filling in the void that was left by the root(s) of the tooth. Placement of socket bone grafting usually adds only a few minutes to the overall tooth removal procedure, and often shortens the overall time of dental implant treatment.

Immediately after the tooth is removed, synthetic, donated or the patient’s own bone (or a combination) material is specially prepared and placed into the empty socket. The material is covered with a protective “cap” and the gum tissue is sealed. Typically, 3 – 4 months is required for adequate healing. For more information about what to expect after this procedure, please refer to the After Socket Bone Grafting section of our site.

Socket bone grafting may be recommended in an area where a tooth has been previously removed and the patient has decided to have a dental implant placed. Depending upon the number of teeth that are missing in an area and the length of time that they have been gone, a patient may require more extensive bone grafting.

Although socket bone grafting is ideal in situations where a patient is planning to replace a tooth with a dental implant, it is also recommended to preserve the bone in the area while a patient is considering which tooth replacement option best suits them. In any case, Dr. Burns will discuss your individual bone grafting needs during your consultation.